Muhammad Mosque No. 22
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Fard, Elijah, Farrakhan

Welcome to Muhammad Mosque No. 22

MISSION: Resurrection of the mentally, spiritually, economically dead and to deliver them (144,000 & more) to the Lamb of Allah (God)...


Muhammad Mosque No. 22 was established in the 1960's on Kelly Street in the Homewood section of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. It is currently located in the Wilkinsburg area. Muhammad Mosque No. 22 is one of the many Mosques affiliated with the Nation of Islam. The Nation of Islam was established in 1930 by our founder Master Fard Muhammad (MFM). He came from the East onto the West, by Himself seeking those who were lost from their land, self, language, culture, and God. He recognized us, the Lost-Found Nation, that the scriptures spoke about (Genesis 15:13-14). To a people whom was despised and rejected (Isaiah 53:3), Master Fard Muhammad began to raise the Black Nation up by teaching us the following three (3) important facts... KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, KNOWLEDGE OF GOD, KNOWLEDGE OF DEVIL (Holy Quran Surah 3:47).

With this, a new Nation was born, white supremacy and black inferiority were challenged, and truth was hurled at falsehood knocking out its brain (Holy Quran Surah 21:18). Master Fard Muhammad gave us our own culture so that we would never have to imitate another group of people again. In 1930, MFM raised over 25,000 Blacks to accept their own and be themselves...a righteous Muslim. In 1931, Master Fard Muhammad met Elijah Poole (Elijah Muhammad) who recognized MFM as the one that the scriptures said would come in the last days (The Madhi, The Messiah... see What The Muslims Believe). He taught Elijah Muhammad for 3 1/2 years to prepare him to be the Leader of the Nation of Islam. As quietly as Master Fard Muhammad came to America, in 1934 He disappeared (I Thessalonians 5:2). Elijah Muhammad was now in the seat ready to fulfill his divine mission (Malachi 4:5-6).

From 1934 until his departure in 1975, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad fulfilled his mission by raising hundreds of thousands of Blacks to Islam. He cleaned us up by getting us off of drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, stopping us from fornicating and committing adultery, taught us how to eat to live (no pork), love ourselves, and do for self or suffer the consequences. The following were accomplishments by Blacks in the Nation of Islam throughout America... BAKERIES, STORES, RESTAURANTS, AIRPLANES, PILOTS, TEACHERS, UNIVERSITIES, JOBS, SCIENTISTS, MATHEMATICIANS, DOCTORS, LAWYERS, APARTMENTS, HOUSES, IMPORT/EXPORT GOODS, FARMS, FISH MARKETS, TEMPLES, PRINTING PRESS, CLEANERS, BARBER SHOPS, CLOTHING FACTORIES, ETC. The Nation of Islam had created an independent Black Empire which generated an income of over 80 Billion Dollars per week (see 1975 Serpica magazine). In 1973, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad placed The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in his seat before a large audience and stated... When you see him, look at him... Where he says go, go... Where he says stay away from, stay away from. This initiated The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan as his Successor.

In 1977, The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan began to fulfill his mission. Following in the footsteps of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he starts rebuilding the Nation of Islam and uplifting The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad's name back up to the well deserved respectable level. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has an extreme love for his people. He has re-purchased many of the original Nation of Islam properties. He has hosted numerous 'Stop the Killing' meetings throughout America. He called for the historical 1995 Million Man March in Washington DC in which over 2 million Black men showed up. He went on three (3) World Tours spreading Islam to everyone. He is our Brother, Leader, Teacher, and Guide in our mist today showing us that we can have money, good homes, and friendship in all walks of life if we be obedient, trust and fear no one but Allah (God) (Matthew 6:33). All Praises Due to Allah and Long Live Muhammad!