Muhammad Mosque No. 22
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Allah in Arabic

Welcome to Muhammad Mosque No. 22

MISSION: Resurrection of the mentally, spiritually, economically dead and to deliver them (144,000 & more) to the Lamb of Allah (God)...

Muhammad Says:

Accept your own and be yourself.

Do for self or suffer the consequences.

There's no such thing as a no good woman.
A no good woman was made that way by a no good man.

A Nation can rise no higher than its woman.

The original man is the Asiatic Black Man.

Love, respect, and protect the Black Woman.

At the age of 6 your child knows what it wants to be.

Debt is slavery.

My people suffer from a lack of knowledge.

If you speak from your mouth that which is not in your heart,
you've spoken a lie.

The Black woman is second-self of God.

A civilized society is not judged by the condition of the man
but the condition of the woman.

Word is bond and bond is life. And I shall give my life
before my word shall fail.

If there was no God, a woman would be the only thing worthy to be worshipped.