Muhammad Mosque No. 22
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Welcome to Muhammad Mosque No. 22

MISSION: Resurrection of the mentally, spiritually, economically dead and to deliver them (144,000 & more) to the Lamb of Allah (God)...

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are the men in the NOI permitted to abuse or oppress the women?

No they are not. The women are to be respected and protected.

Are the men in the NOI permitted to have more than one wife?

No, instead they follow the verse in the Holy Quran...'One is best if they but knew'

Are the women in the NOI required to walk 10 paces behind the men?

No, they are inspired to walk beside the man. We work as a team for the resurrection and liberation of our people. Women in the NOI are held at the highest esteem and encouraged to increase their education and inspire to be the best Muslim they can be.

Did the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan kill Malcolm X?

No, our great brother Malcolm X was assassinated in 1965. For nearly 30 years the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan's name was never affiliated with the death of Malcolm X. Why now? Because divide and conquer is still the mission of our enemy today. Refer to audio/video...'Malcolm X 28 Years Later, What Really Happened'.

Did the NOI kill Malcolm X?

No. After the trial on Malcolm X's death, one of the defendants mentioned the names of 2 other suspects that were really involved in the shootings (which means that 1 or more of the convicted suspects were innocent). However, the government refused to re-open the case because they want the blame to remain on the NOI. Refer to audio/video... 'Malcolm X 28 Years Later, What Really Happened'.

Do the Muslims believe in Jesus?

Yes. Muslims believe in Jesus so much that we strive to be as obedient to Allah (God) as he was. Muslims pray to the Father...Allah (God), as Jesus did and instructed all to do (Matthew 6:9-13).

Do the NOI hate white folks?

No. It is not the NOI intention to create hatred towards anyone but instead to instill awareness of the history in America in which cruel treatment, hatred, and murder was bestowed upon Blacks by whites for over 400 years just for being Black. We must study our history in order to not repeat it. The NOI teaches Blacks to love themselves and do for self. Blacks have spent over 400 years proving that they love whites and hate themselves. Therefore, we no longer need to spend valuable time proving that we love white folks or hate them. We now must prove that we love ourselves.

Do the women in the NOI wear veils?

No. The veil is not required by Allah (God) in the Holy Quran for the women. We recognize the veil as a cultural attire.

Is Jesus Black or White?

Jesus is a Black Man (Revelation 2:14-15). Does it make a difference? Yes, the truth is better than a lie. And one should tell the truth regardless of the circumstance or consequence.

Is the NOI a cult?

No, we are not a cult or a sect. We are not a religious body that separated from a larger denomination. We are the 'Nation' of Islam. Even during Prophet Muhammad's (PBUH) time there was a Nation of Islam (Holy Quran Surah 23:52). And Islam as a way of life, has been in existence since the beginning of time.

What do As-Salaam Alaikum mean?

It's an Arabic term which means 'Peace be on to you'. The response is Waa Alaikum Salaam. Which is 'Peace be on to you also'. This is the best greeting and pleasing to Allah (God). Muslims do not greet saying 'Hello' because we know Hell is low and we want to raise a person to a higher standard.

What is Islam?

Islam is Peace. It is not a religion, but a way of life in which if you submit your will to do the will of Allah (God), you will be blessed with peace.

What is a Muslim?

A Muslim is one who practices Islam. In otherwords, one who submits his will to do the will of Allah (God).

Why are white folks excluded from joining the NOI?

We're in a world where white supremacy is not just a word, it's an institution. One of the goals of NOI is to teach Blacks to look towards themselves for leadership and to honor and respect their own Black leadership. Due to Black Inferiority thoughts that unfortunately exists among many Blacks,... when in the presence of white folks, Blacks have a tendency to overlook their own Black brother/sister and look towards the whites for answers and/or guidance. The exclusion of whites creates the environment, confidence, and trust that is needed in order for Blacks to love and do for self. This is also why Blacks were more united and productive during the years of segregation.

Why do Muslims refrain from eating pork?

Because Allah (God) said so (Leviticus 11:7-8, Deuteronomy 14:3, 14:8, Holy Quran Surah 2:173). It was a filthly and abominable creature 4,000 years ago and is a filthy and abominable creature today. Proof is the pork related diseases in many people (especially Blacks) in which pork is in their daily diet.

Why do Muslim women wear long garments?

It's a form of modesty and queenship. It promotes respect towards her mind, rather than lust towards her body (Holy Quran Surah 7:26-27). Where there is a naked or half dressed woman, there is a lack of civilization. A Civilized Society is not determined by the condition of the man, but by the condition of the woman. And a Nation can rise no higher than its woman.